Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 4.

Week 4 is done! All pictures are on Flickr.

May, 19 May 19. Green warm sweater and hat%)
May, 20
May 20. Maxi skirt. I like it! It is pity that I used for it not the best fabric by quality.
May 21
May 21. Green long-sleeve. I still haven't ironing board!
May 22
May 22. Old old dress.
May 24
May 23. Polka dots circle skirt! Ah, I am its fan%)
May 24
May 24. Freshly refashioned skirt (from second-hand wrap skirt).
May 25
May 25. It was rainy and cold day! Green sweater and black skirt.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 3.

Week 3 is over, so fast! Big pictures are on Flickr.

May, 12 May 12. Green long-sleeve. I like pattern and want to repeat it. Usually I think that the repeating is boring but not in this case!%)
May, 13
May 13. Refashioned top.
May, 14
May 14. One of my first me-made dress. The pattern - to "repeat-it" list %)
May, 15
May 15. Polka dots circle skirt. "Repeat-it" list too%)) In solid color and/or warmer fabric.
May, 16
May 16. Red skirt. Actually I wanted to make circle skirt from this fabric but I didn't have enough fabric.
May, 17
May 17. "Repeat-it" skirt, haha!%)) Almost whole week is in repeat list now%))
May, 18
May 18. Good pattern too! Crazy print long-sleeve.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 2.

So second week already done. Let's see short review. Big pictures are on Flickr.

May, 5 5 May. Today I should wear b-day dress but with all this moving to new apartment I didn't have time. But I had unfinished skirt! So b-day circle skirt.
May, 6
May 6. B-day dress from previous year. I was on a concert so decided this dress will be just good for event%) I still need to make some changes in it, but with jacket it looks not bad.
May, 7
May 7. Refashioned top from man's shirt.
May, 8
May 8. It was cold day so I could wear my wool skirt.
May, 9
May 9. Refashioned t-shirt. I saved print from the old one%) I really need more me-made tops!
May, 10
May 10. Trousers-to-skirt%)
May, 11
May 11. Favorite comfy warm jumper!

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Summary of 2013

Yes, I know, it is May 2014, but I need to make plans for 2014 sewing year and because of this I should look at my 2013 sewing year%))

  • The main point of my 2013 plan was to make 20 items(as a part of my bet with Semeon about sewing 50 items in 2 year). I managed with it pretty good. I made 21 items%) We decided to extend our bet for a half of the year because of our moving. So I hope I would manage%) 
Let's see further.
  • to decrease my fabric stash by 30 meters  - I failed completely!%(( I don't have now Evernote with my stash's database so I will not scare you with the numbers!
  • to finish my 3 UFO (silk dress, gray dress, brown skirt) - no, I didn't make them. I have some big issue with finishing some started project but I have to do this finally.
  • to make different types of clothes (not only skirts%))  - 60% done.
    • pants - done
    • jacket
    • jacket (warm)
    • dress - done
    • blouse - done
    • skirt - done ( a lot of them!%)
    • vest
    • male shirt - done
    • top - done
    • bag
  • to make last summer's projects - 2 dress and the pants -  I made pants! I should photo them again and blog! I didn't have time for dresses:( 
  • to use 8 patterns from different companies (except Burda) - I made only one!%(
  • to try to make The Big Project - a leather jacket.  - I bought all ingredients - all zippers, lining etc. I even started to make a muslin. And then moved! I look forward to making this project.
  • to make a catalog of my patterns - in progress!
There is plenty of room for improvement this year! Next post will be about my plans.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 1.

Short first week of May! We got all kind of weather these days%)

Big pictures are on Flickr.

May, 1 1 May. Very hot day. Moving day! I worn shorts(refashioned from RTW capri).

May, 2
2 May. Me-made skirt. I like it. Maybe I should make another one in solid colour.
May, 3
3 May. IKEA shopping. Wool knit dress by Burda pattern, should blog it%)
May, 4
4 May. Blue dress. I like it!%)
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