Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Progress of my current project

So the work is going well! It is almost done!%))) I have only 1 detail instead of 10! Almost ready dress. Very dangerous stage because many my projects stuck at this stage. Hope not this one because my friend is waiting for her dress!

You can see here very important sewing tool%))

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

My new machine!

This June we bought me new sewing machine. Previous one was really not good and I have got mostly negative emotion using it. I have been spending 3 nights reading information about different sewing machines, options, prices etc before I could make choice. So I chose Janome My excel 18w. I don't want to pay to much for different decorative stitches, I just need good sewing machine, which cost its money. I like it!%)

My Janome

Blue friend's dress

Current project

 This is my current project. To be more precise one of many. It will be too long to count all of them%)

This is a dress for my friend, pattern from very old Burda magazine. I made one dress for myself by this pattern and like it very much though it was made with many mistakes. I will tell about this later.

I hope this one will be much better because now I know more about sewing and have more experience too. We will see!

Sunday, 1 July 2012



Sooooooooo I have decided to create my own sewing blog. I am not professional sewer, even not good amateur, just beginner%) I like to write everything down so it can be good and motivating idea to have blog about sewing.
I plan to blog about my current projects, about some old sewed stuff(not too much), about sewing wish list and also collect here some info and link about sewing.
Let's sew!

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