Monday, 28 January 2013

My plans and wishes for 2013

I should post my plans and wishes for sewing 2013 before I blog first FO of 2013%)) I wrote my plans a week or two ago but didn't have time to write them here. So let's start%) I should say that usually I plan more then I can do so this is something as plan maximum or more like my wishes.

Once in last November I with Semeon bet if I could make 50 items in 2 year so first item in my plan is
  • to make 20 items in this year including some big refashion and home items too. I should make a counter for this my challenge%)) (Update 03/05 - 8 items done)
  • to decrease my fabric stash by 30 metres (fail,fail)
  • to finish my 3 UFO -  silk dress, gray dress, brown skirt. They all in my winter sewing list, so hope I will manage with this.(no progress)
  • to make different types of clothes (not only skirts%)) 
    • pants
    • jacket
    • jacket (warm)
    • dress - done
    • blouse - done
    • skirt - done
    • vest
    • male shirt
    • top
    • bag
  • to make last summer's projects - 2 dress and the pants. (no progress)
  • to use one retro pattern, pattern from Big 4, one pattern from La Mia Boutique, Patrones, Simplicity, Diana Moden, KnippMode + Ottobre. (I changed one big 4 for Ottobre - 15/04).
  • to try to make The Big Project - a leather jacket. I have a leather piece, I choose a pattern, I only should start %) (Looking for lining, planning to make muslin)
  • to make a catalog of my patterns. This is not a easy task because I bought a lot of Burda magazines and each magazine has a lot of patterns%) (in progress)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fabrics from Paris and Milan, part 3

It is the end of January but I don't finish a story about my fabrics from September trip!%)) So I do this very quickly!

After finding out Toto in Rouen I decided to visit one in Paris too. It was rainy day, I was alone so I visited two shops. They were not so exciting and big like Rouen's one. I found one piece of nice flannel and corresponding buttons.
One more Parisian fabric

Then was Lugano's part of my trip%) My return flight was from Milan so I planned to visit some fabric shops there too. Of course not only fabric's! I brought back to Russia a kilos of cheeses, olives, pasta, pesto etc!

I visited Tessuti Raponi. They have pretty big choice of good costume wools and different silks. Downstairs there are some remnants which you can buy by weight. I found there nice brown wool in stripes. It was pretty light%) Also I bought there a bright blue wool for a dress from Burda 09/2012 which I have almost finished!%)

Fabrics from Milano
Of course, I got a lot of new fabrics in my stash from September%) May be I will record them too but at first I should write down my plans and wishes for Sewing 2013%)) So this will be my next post!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sewing Summary 2012

It is time to post a new sewing plans and resolutions for 2013 but at first I should write a summary of 2012 %)

This was a year when I start to sew a little bit difference, sewing took a little bit more of my time and my attention among my different hobbies. I should write a story about my sewing in past but in this case this post will be too long so I would do this later!%))

So 2012 was a year of new sewing!%)) We bought me a new sewing machine and I have started to plan to sew more and more, I have made a big stash of fabrics(about this I would write separately too%)) and old pattern magazines, I even bought some Big 4 and vintage envelope patterns, I won my first giveaway, I sewed first time with knit fabric, I finished my first knitting project (this was almost UFO), I made a lot stuff for apartments(curtains, tablecloths, bed linens, covers for stools), a lot of alterations of RTW clothes (jeans, shorts etc for me and Semeon), finished some UFOs and made some new ones. I made a dress for my friend, shorts for her daughter, I made for myself 2 new skirts, one jumper, some home clothes, fleece socks for wellies %)  I started this blog and wrote some pattern reviews and posted my sewing on different sites. I learned a lot about sewing technique, different tips and tricks! I  stopped be afraid to insert zippers%)))))

Numerically these are not too much, I know that I am a plan maker and not very good executor but I will try to change the last one in this year because I think I made perfect basis for this %)

Sewing 2012

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December creations

Ohhh!! This is already 2013! I should make new plans for the year! But at first I should post my final creations of 2012 and sewing summary of 2012%) I guessed that I would finish my blue dress till Hew Year celebration but I didn't manage with it so it will be a creation of 2013%)

The main news is my finished legwarmers! I have started them  sooo long time ago that I even don't remember when exactly. I am very-very bad knitter! May be one day I will try to knit a jumper and I will do it in one year, not in 5%))

Red legwarmers

Suddenly I have made a tablecloth for New Year celebration. I was looking for something in my fabric stash and found a fabric which I bought pretty long time ago in Lithuania. I planned to make a dress or a skirt from it but now I have realized the fabric was too hard for clothes. So I was looking at it and decided to make a tablecloth. I think this was a fabric for this kind of stuff, not for dress. 

New Year tablecloth

And finally!! I have one old style suitcase, it was very ugly inside so I decided to change it little. Now I like it more! I will put in it some of my fabrics and patterns which I plan to do next so they will be in easy access!%)

Suitcase for sewing projects

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