Monday, 28 January 2013

My plans and wishes for 2013

I should post my plans and wishes for sewing 2013 before I blog first FO of 2013%)) I wrote my plans a week or two ago but didn't have time to write them here. So let's start%) I should say that usually I plan more then I can do so this is something as plan maximum or more like my wishes.

Once in last November I with Semeon bet if I could make 50 items in 2 year so first item in my plan is
  • to make 20 items in this year including some big refashion and home items too. I should make a counter for this my challenge%)) (Update 03/05 - 8 items done)
  • to decrease my fabric stash by 30 metres (fail,fail)
  • to finish my 3 UFO -  silk dress, gray dress, brown skirt. They all in my winter sewing list, so hope I will manage with this.(no progress)
  • to make different types of clothes (not only skirts%)) 
    • pants
    • jacket
    • jacket (warm)
    • dress - done
    • blouse - done
    • skirt - done
    • vest
    • male shirt
    • top
    • bag
  • to make last summer's projects - 2 dress and the pants. (no progress)
  • to use one retro pattern, pattern from Big 4, one pattern from La Mia Boutique, Patrones, Simplicity, Diana Moden, KnippMode + Ottobre. (I changed one big 4 for Ottobre - 15/04).
  • to try to make The Big Project - a leather jacket. I have a leather piece, I choose a pattern, I only should start %) (Looking for lining, planning to make muslin)
  • to make a catalog of my patterns. This is not a easy task because I bought a lot of Burda magazines and each magazine has a lot of patterns%) (in progress)


  1. So ambition Lady!! I will monitor the implementation of your ideas!!!

  2. I like the idea of reducing a stash by yardage! I usually target whole pieces, but using your way, you can track your progress really nicely. Good luck!

    1. Sometimes you can have pretty long piece%)))))

  3. These are some great resolutions! I am trying to reduce my stash this year too :)


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