Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blue dress from Burda 09/2012, facts

February! No sun for ages! I was waiting it to make nice pictures of my new blue dress but I think such opportunity will appear only in March%( I was planning to make some different outfits with the dress so in this post I will write some facts and the next one will be proper pattern review (with or without sun%)

Usual Feb view

I bought a magazine with a pattern just before my trip to France in last September, I liked the pattern very much so I decided to buy a fabric for this dress during the trip. I saw it in some bright green but when I was in Milan (the last point of my trip) without any fabric for this dress I decided that I should buy anything at all costs! So green turn into blue:)

Serios look%))

Then I was choosing a lining very long, then I even made a muslin! This was my first muslin, he-he! I had planned to finish it before New Year but...I have finished it just in January. I tried to make it very accurate, I used french seams for the lining and the bias tape for seam allowance. So it became the first dress of 2013%)

Tried to make nice inside

I like it's A-line look. It is very 60's I think%) I found McCall's 2027 pattern which looks pretty similar. The neckline seams to be little bit too wide to my taste but may be this is because I never wear something like this. Also I  like the pockets, they are very cute!

Cute pockets!!

BTW now I know that 100 meters of thread is not enough for such dress so in the future I will buy 200 or 400 meters%)
100m is not enough!

  • Fabric:  1.2m wool from Milan, lining - a silk from Russian site, about 1.1 m
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 09/2011 105
  • Pattern was first, fabric was bought specially for this pattern%)
  • Notions: bias for seam-allowances, fusible stay tape, thread
  • Time to complete: I started it in end of October 2012, wanted to finish for New Year, have finished in January 2013, I measured pure time for sewing - 16.5 hours, this time is not included tea breaks, looking for technical information and visiting shops for buying notions
  • First worn:  9 Feb,2013 in the theater. It looks like I wear my new works only in theaters%)
  • Wear again:  Of course, why for I would spend so much time on it%)
  • Total cost:  20 euro for fabric + 6.7 euro for silk lining + 4.75 euro for notions + 2 euro for pattern = 33.45 euro

Mariinsky theater and I%)


  1. The dress was nice but opera was boring :)

  2. I've always liked that Burda pattern. It has sort of a 60's grooviness to it. Looks great in blue!

    1. May be I will make it from some print fabric too, I should study the 60's prints%))

  3. Света, очень милое платье! Такая аккуратная работа! Яркий синий очень хорош для этой выкройки.
    Я тоже планировала сшить это платье, но как-то руки не дошли, и сезон закончился. Может, к следующей зиме ))))

    1. Спасибо!:)) Я старалась:) Но с уголоком не очень справилась, когда подкладку пришивала:))
      Думаю, может летний такой пошить, очень уж мне фасон и кармашки нравятся!:)


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