Saturday, 27 October 2012

Orange skirt

Finally I should post some pictures of my new orange skirt! I am pretty bad model and Semeon is not the best fashion photographer(sorry, darling!) so the first attempt to photo the skirt last Saturday didn't satisfied me. Then I asked my tripod for help, I tried 2 times and still no good result! I decided to stop and post what I have. May be next time we will produce better stuff%)

I choose to make 08/2012 314 from Burda Style magazine. This was pretty easy and fast. My only change was to add the lining because this is wool skirt and I want to wear it with the tights.  Oh, I also added 3 more cm to the length. Only one difficulty was to turn out the corners near the zipper after stitching the facing because the fabric was pretty thick.

I like the result!

And close-up!  Don't pay attention to our old Soviet style balcony!

The same color with balcony%)

PS. I have small piece of left-over, so may be I will add pockets later to my skirt%) Like at the skirt 08/2012 135 but without flaps, not enough fabric for them.

  • Fabric:  06.m of wool-viscose blend
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 08/2012 134
  • Fabric was first, them I choose a pattern
  • Notions:  zipper, lining
  • Time to complete: pretty fast, may be 2-3 hours together (I am very slow person!)
  • First worn:  October 20th to the theater
  • Wear again:  Definitely
  • Total cost:  11 euro


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Boring sewing of the bed linen

Sewing home stuff is soooo boring!!! I should make one blanket cover and some pillowcase%( But this is so boring, you need to sew long straight lines only!
I see only one positive thing - that you have the result very fast!

So I am going to finish this boring sewing and start my first project from knit fabric! I´ve shown the picture in my last post.
I cut  11/2011 114 knit wrap top from Burda.
Hope this will be not very long project!%)

PS. Can you believe that I was thinking that 1 yard is about the half of meter?%)) I don't know why!!! But now I know the truth!

Saturday, 20 October 2012


So, I have some news!
I cut and finished the orange skirt! I´ve even visited the theater today in it!
We have made some pictures in it, but I hope we will make some more tomorrow because I don´t like the result very much. I mean the pictures, not skirt%)

How do you like my cutting table and pattern weights? %)) I cut a jumper and the muslin for a dress last weekend together with the orange skirt so hope the more finished garments will come!

My cutting table

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Help me please choose pattern for the orange fabric%)

Fabric for cutting
 As I wrote in the previous post, I am going to make a skirt from orange piece of wool blend. The fabric is ready for cutting and pre-washed. It is pretty heavy so I think better to make sonething without pleats.

The first pattern is 09-2010-106 from Burda magazine. I plan to make skirt little bit shorter, one hand above knee will be fine.
09-2010-106 from Burda Magazine

The second pattern is 08-2012-135 from Burda again%). I think that smaller pockets will be better, also I haven't so much fabric for big pockets%)
08-2012-135 from Burda
Or may be choose pattern 134 without pockets.

08-2012-134 from Burda

So which skirt would you choose for me%)? Please help!

The images from Burda page were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fabrics from France, part 1

  So, about new fabrics. The first purchase was in Rouen. I found the big shop from Toto chain somewhere in the center of Rouen. I haven´t known about this chain, only after my purchase I got the list of the shops everywhere in France.
  This was pretty big shop!! I haven´t enough time to see it all because we came too late%( They have pretty big choice of fabrics, furniture, upholstery fabrics, remnants at the nice price.   Semeon have waited me outside(he is not big fan of fabric's shops and I was trying to make some choice%)) 
  Before the trip I've made small research and wrote down necessary length for some nice patterns which I probably would like to make. Finally I took 3 pieces of remnants. I would like to take more but I was too excited in such big shop and also I had in my mind that I would make some more shopping in Paris. I would like to take some nice thick wool(2m for 20 euro) but it was too bulky for our backpacks!

Catch from Toto in Rouen
  Orange one is wool with viscose, I am going to make a skirt from it, right now!%)) The others are cotton for dress and blouse, I think.

3, rue des Arsins 76000 ROUEN

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New fabrics

 I am back! I haven't give up sewing, no, I just was traveling and now I have some new fabrics for the autumn and winter sewing. I suppose I should pack my summer projects even unfinished ones (I will finish them next spring) so I could do something for current season. I only decided to finish 2 remakes - the back of the red Simplicity dress (I have made too wide dress and the back doesn´t looks good enough) and the summer skirt from another skirt laid too long time in my wardrobe ( I only need to align the skirt's bottom and hem it).

These are fabrics etc from Rouen, Paris and Milano%)  Unpacked view

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