Friday, 13 June 2014

MMM2013 and MMM2014 in numbers

blue dress - 1
red dress - 1
old dress - 3
simplicity dress - 1

total - 4 dress, 6 appearances
grey dress - 1
blue dress - 1
red dress - 1
old dress - 2
simplicity dress - 1

total - 5 dresses, 6 appearances
orange skirt - 1
black skirt -7
home skirt - 2
stripe home skirt - 2
red skirt - 2
refashioned orange skirt -3
cropped jeans - 4
cropped shorts - 1

total - 6 skirts, 2 "trousers", 21 appearances
stripe maxi skirt - 2
polka dot circle skirt - 3
orange skirt - 1
refashioned orange skirt - 1
red skirt - 2
black skirt - 2
refashioned green skirt - 2
refashioned white skirt - 1
wide-leg trousers - 1
refashioned shorts -1

total - 8 skirts, 2 "trousers", 16 appearances
green jumper - 2
crazy long-sleeve - 2
blouse - 1
green long-sleeve - 3

total - 4 tops, 8 appearances
refashioned top - 3
refashioned t-shirt - 1
green jumper - 4
green long-sleeve - 2
crazy long-sleeve - 1

total - 5 tops, 11 appearances

4 home outfits from 31, 12 outfits with refashioned garments 
5 refashioned garments, 11 totally me-made - 16 in total.

0 home outfits, 8 outfits with refashioned garments
6 refashioned garments,  14 totally me-made - 20 in total.

So these are a lot of numbers%))) What do they mean? This year I wear more me-made garments%) There were no home outfits but I would like to make some home trousers and maybe warm hoody or cardi. My favorite clothes element is a skirt, no doubt!

I like Me-Made-May! This was very positive event, I liked to show my garments, to wear nice stuff every day, to make pictures, to get lovely comments and to see outfit all over the world. Yes, near the end of month it became little bit tricky but in any way it was very nice event%)

I didn't manage to finish my 3 UFO only one from my list and fresh one. The butterfly t-shirt still waits its time as brown skirt (I am really not happy with this skirt, yeap).

I decided to put more me-made tops in my sewing list, woven and knit, lets start with summer's ones. Also I want to sew some trousers, shorts and cardi. And I need to make a jacket too! So big plans till next May%))

The last conclusion is that I can remake good patterns. I like to make new patterns but think that repeating is boring but now I changed my mind and suppose good patterns should be made one more time or even two more times! 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 5.

Me-Made-May 2014 is over! It was really fun, I like to wear my me-mades, looked for other participants and made pictures. I will make some summary from this MMM and even show some statistic numbers but in another post. All pictures are on Flickr.

May 26 May 26. Refashioned top, from men shirt. It was pretty cold outside for this outfit so I had to bike faster%)
May 27
May 27.  Me-made Burda wide-legs trousers. I made them last summer and will blog about them soon. I planned to make them in 2012 %))
May 28 May 28. Refashioned skirt, made last week%) From thrifted wrap skirt.
May 29
May 29. Popular green sweater and skirt. I should make grey version of this sweater, it is very comfy!
May 30
May 30.Refashioned skirt.
May 31
May 31.My third dress, oh, I will never show it inside, made so bad!! But it is so lovely and cute!%)) I like it!
May 31, man's part
May 31.Me-made shirt from Semeon. Fit is not perfect but we will improve it next time!
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