Thursday, 22 November 2012

Green finish finished jumper

I am ready for some shopping!
 I´ve finished this jumper more then 2 weeks ago but post it only now%)
The fabric was bought in summer, this was nice suggestion on one local sewing forum.The fabric was made in Finland (Orneule Oy) for the army clothes. I took a lot of it to practice to sew knits and to make something useful for me and Semeon too:)

When I was looking for the old Burda magazines in the internet (because I want to buy some old nice issues to have in my collection and to sew from them of course), I pretty much like this jumper from Burda 11/2011 but I didn't have this issue. Some weekend my friend Pasha(btw this is male name in Russia) brought me some magazines from his mother and there was this number too!
Burda 11/2011
I traced and cut it pretty fast, I don't have any problem with tracing from Burda because for me this is only one experience of tracing%) So I am ok with tracing the Burda patterns.  

I choose to make 34 size instead of 36 because I want to have not too oversized jumper. Instructions were ok, because there was a master-class with the pictures in the magazine. So I made the jumper pretty fast%)) I don't have a serger so I used zigzag to finish seam allowances. For hemming I used a twin needle. This one was little bit narrow so for the next project I bought another one.

I like long sleeves, loose shoulders and the way how it look from the back and how you can drape it at the front. The jumper is very comfortable and warm! To sew knits was pretty nice and easy, so I will continue.

Front view
Back view

I wanted to make pictures in one cafe near our home but it was full, I was very disappointed so we made them in a supermarket, eh!

  • Fabric:  about 1.8m of wool-viscose blend(60% wool, 30% viscose(rayon)
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 11/2011
  • Pattern was first, fabric from stash
  • Notions:  twin needle
  • Time to complete: 2 or 3 days, for some hours per day
  • First worn:  November 5th to the shop
  • Wear again:  Definitely, I have already done it again%)
  • Total cost:  1.8m * 1.8euro for fabric + 0.4euro for treads, magazine for free, should I count tween needle? = 3.64 euro - good price%))
 If somebody wants  the traced pattern I can send it easily:)


  1. So pretty! I missed the past year´s November issue, but only for that jumper is worthy. Love your photos! Have a great weekend!

  2. Клевая кофточка! И не скажешь, что материал для нато! :)

    1. У меня на нее еще есть планы!:)

  3. Looks fabulous! I just made this same top. Your fabric drapes really nicely at the neckline.

  4. Oh this is hilarious, running around in the supermarket like something out of a 50s pamphlet. And nice top!

    1. Market is the lightest place during winter here%))


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