Monday, 26 November 2012

Review Burda 12/2012

Sooo, I bought a new magazine! I like to make review of the paper issue, not the preview on the site, I don't know why%)
Burda 12/2012

This was not only one magazine this month, I bought a lot of old Burda, also some old reprints of La Mia Boutique ( we have in Russia one magazine which reprint LMB with some delay), may be some day I will make post with the best models from the old magazines too, it can be interesting!

So, for me Burda 12/2012 is not the best issue of the year. But there is some pretty nice patterns. Let's start!

Some pretty nice jackets - one, two, three (of course, not in gold, I don't know where I can wear gold jacket%).

Very interesting one is this jacket, but I am afraid it is too difficult for me! It has the highest difficulty in sewing!I think this is the most interesting pattern in this magazine!

The most interesting pattern, IMHO

There are some basic tops, some of them can be nice at the summer time - with long sleeves, without sleeves and without sleeves version 2. Also I like a dress based on the last pattern(but not from this fabric!)

I like military coat (hm, I am pretty big fan of military style, I think%)

I like the both looks with this skirt.

And my favorite section is City!
I like a hoody, a skirt, a jumper and a jacket!%)) I want them all! They are pretty my style, casual and interesting too!

What do you think about this issue?

  The images from Burda pages were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner.


  1. For some reason I ddidn´t register that pretty jacket that you think is the best (me too) and I´ve been looking at the patterns for a long time.
    I like the things you chose. I too think it is your style!

    1. They made pretty bad photos for the jacket! That´s why it is easy to miss it!!

  2. I Enjoyed this issue. I like to wait for the magazine too, I won't look at the previews! Thanks for the review:-)

  3. You have picked some great styles from the magazine. I really like the interesting-looking one too, and the military one. Thanks os much for the review!

  4. Sewing Sveta; I have passed on to you the One Lovely Blog award, if you would like the button it is here


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