Thursday, 8 November 2012

Top 5 in my sewing Fall-Winter wish list.

It is little bit later for fall plans but I should post it in any way, just for encouraging and motivating myself%)) So let´s say it is the cold time plan!

I decided not to create too a long list because I know that I can be very sad after not completing it.. But if the list is very long, of course I wouldn´t complete it, I am too slow. Complicated!!!


  1. I need to finish some UFO. The first one is grey dress, I started it in the spring then dropped it in the warm times. I need to fix some problems with the darts.
    Burda 12/2008
  2. Next UFO, very long one. Silk dress, I started it very long ago, it is too difficult for me - difficult fabric, pretty thin and slippery, cut  on the bias, french seams! Ohhh! 
    Burda 10/2004
  3. Blue dress from italian wool. I have already made a muslin for it - complete garment
    Burda 09/2012
  4. Blouse for my new orange skirt. I am thinking about model%) - complete garment
    Cotton for a blouse
  5. Free position. May be some dress for New Year?%)) 

Also I should  finish some stuff - change one old winter dress(already cut the length) and finish 2 summer things, I don't want they become UFO%))


  1. I need to finish my UFO someday as well

    1. Ok! After helping me with one dress! I need somebody to pin it on me!%)

  2. Wow, grand plans! You'd better start soon if you want to finish before spring :)

    1. I already have started, especially UFO items%))) We have pretty long winter, so I have time.

  3. That fabric for the blouse looks really interesting!

    1. Hope, I could cut something from it! Not a big piece!

  4. You have some fantastic plans!


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