Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review of Burda 05/2013 and 06/2013

The weather is not very warm in SPb and I cannot make the photos of my new refashioned top%(

So let´s make some Burda reviews%) It is time to make August review but I want to save my favorite picks from May and June issues first, just for me. The review of July number will be skipped because I didn´t like this issue and left it in the shop. 

The May issue was pretty nice! I chose a lot of dresses from it. Look!

Also I like a jacket which was in previous number but in plus size section.

Yes! I like the pockets!

The June Burda was rich with nice dresses too!%))

Also I like 2 outfits - a jacket with shorts and a blouse with a skirt.

But my favorite from this issue is a skirt!!!

Would you like something of this maybe?  

The images from Burda pages were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

More of June creations

I made a knit skirt for my friend. She is a big fan of stars so when I saw this fabric in a shop I knew at once whom should had it%))

The most difficult part was to find simple black knit fabric for belt!!Sewing was very easy because this is pretty simple skirt.

Skirt for a friend

Also I made a shopper bag, now this is my favorite one. I made it from my lovely cargo trousers which I bought in the ancient 2004 or may be even 2003%))) I wore them out to the death but couldn't just throw away! So now I have nice bag with pocket for keys and wallet.

Shopper bag

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Maxi knit skirt

It is so difficult to post something during a nice summer time! But I should keep tracking my sewing projects!%))

I have finished a maxi skirt in June. I saw the prototype in Jcrew shop in March in Toronto and decided that I should make such skirt!%)) I used a fabric which I bought at a market in Berlin. This was some cheap knit rayon (not very high quality btw).

Jcrew skirt

While I was googling how to make the belt on such skirt, I found the photos of another skirt where the front was made from pieces and made up my mind%)

The sewing process was not difficult but I made a mistake when cut the biggest front piece inside out. So my front piece became from 4 pieces%) I tried to stabilized seams with fusible stay tape but even this way sewing of knit pieces cut in different directions was not easy because the top fabric stretched during sewing. But I like final result!

My skirt!

I added the lining which I made from old t-shirt%)

The back part is simple.


  • Fabric:  1.2m (width 1.5m) of rayon knit + old t-shirt.
  • Pattern: me-made
  • The idea came first then I found a fabric in my stash.
  • Notions: thread, twin needle, fusible stay tape
  • Time to complete: 7.40 hours. Too much time for a knit skirt but I spent a lot making front piece.
  • First worn: 22 June for walking.
  • Wear again:  Yes.
  • Total cost:  3.6 euro for fabric + 0.5 euro for thread + 1 euro for elastic   = 5.1 euro

Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fish fabric

I saw this nice fabric in one shop, I liked it very much, I went home, returned next day and bought it! So this summer I must have new bright dress with fishes!!
They are lovely, aren't? %) How could I leave them in the shop???

Thursday, 6 June 2013

From dress to skirt: quick refashion.

Sometimes I want to make anything pretty quick especially when I am struggling with a project%))  This was the same case, I was sticking in my maxi skirt project and decided to finish a dress-to-skirt. it seems to be the easiest refashion project!%))

I bought this dress from ASOS pretty long time ago and worn it just once for new year celebration.  It had too deep decollete and the straps at the end were too wide so the knot looked pretty big and ugly!

ASOS dress

I liked this dress so decided to change it into something more wearable for me. At first I decided to change the top of body, maybe by shortening the straps, adding buttons etc. I realized in process that for changing a body you had to cut new one, eh!

So I decided to make skirt from it, I like the maxi but you need a lot of fabric for them%)) The rest was easy - to rip straps, to cut a belt because it was too wide, to make the skirt shorter because it was too long! So now I have new nice skirt! I think it will have more opportunity for going out%))))

Bad photo, I know%))
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