Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Butterflies T-shirt

This is long time since my last post about finished project. I have checked right now - it was one year ago!! Oh no! I made a lot of garments but didn't blog them, I should improve this situation.

I finished a t-shirt in this June. It was half done so I didn't spend a lot of time with it.

Summer Butterflies Top
The pattern and fabric were bought in Tampere, Finland during short trip with my aunt. She attended the conference and I visited the city and fabric shop%)) Also I visited some fabric shops in Helsinki and bought this butterflies knit print there.

Finish shopping made last year
I bought Ottobre magazine, issue 02/2013. I like their designs, the patterns are pretty basic but with nice details and interesting cut. So I choose the pattern number 2 - Summer Basic Top. This is loose knit top with short kimono sleeves and additional draping in the bottom.

Ottobre 02-2013-02 It looks the same as tech drawing

It seems to me that I cut size 36 but I am not sure%)) Because the instructions were in Finnish I cannot say anything about them but for this simple design you don't need instructions. The sewing process was very easy,maybe the only problem for me was to bind the neckline and not to stretch it.

I like how this top looks, it was very comfy to wear during hot days. I like the neckline, pretty feminine. I think I make more such tops, maybe one version with more draping on the bottom and one just straight.

  • Fabric:  1m (width 1.55m) of rayon knit from Finland. I have pretty big piece after cutting. maybe for cami.
  • Pattern: Ottobre 02/2013 02
  • Fabric was bought first because of nice print.
  • Notions: thread, twin needle
  • First worn: June 2014 for walking.
  • Wear again:  Yes! Already.
  • Total cost:  6 euro for fabric + 1.8 euro for thread + 9 euro for magazine  = 16.8 euro. This is pretty much for t-shirt but I plan to make more from this magazine so this increase the cost%)
Also you can see my pattern review.
PS. The skirt I worn was refashioned by me, it was too long and looked boring so I cut it and worn a lot this summer.
Refashioned skirt with me-made t-shirt

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Oh, I am such a stupid seamstress!
I cut pockets from a detail of belt%( Of course I don't have any fabric left.
This will be good lesson for me not to cut during nights.
Hope a shop has this fabric in stock yet.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Spring Sewing Swap 2014

I got my parcel from Tine!! All the way from Hamburg!
It was like getting b-day present!

Tine packed it nice in bright paper, you can see.

Spring Swap parcel

Everything inside was individually packed and Tine added nice postcard! Ups, I planned to find some nice one too but completely forgot%(


Tine sent me 2 pieces of fabric. Lovely viscose with flowers (right now I see it like summer dress) and nice navy cotton (maybe shirt or shirt dress?). Also she added magazine My image from her collection, I didn't have any on my shelf. I think maybe to make a dress from this magazine with the flower fabric? I need to make plan!%))

Also she added some German non-sewing souvenirs - jams, marzipan(already finished%), Bierdeckel (I really don't know the name of these things) and my favorite german lip balm. Oh, I asked Tine if she could add it because this was the best balm for me! She was very nice to do that.

I am very happy with my parcel. I hope my response will arrive very soon in Germany and Tine will like my presents too%) Thanks, Tine as my swap partner and Kestrel as organizer.

Friday, 4 July 2014

What's going on?

The summer is going on so I am slow in my blogging%) Honestly in my sewing too - after Me-Made-May I only have finished already half-done tshirt and refashioned 2 skirts but I have big plans for warm sewing summer and hope I will implement a part of them.

I got a big present from Merche - 4 Patrones magazines with nice patterns, now want to made them all! Ok, not all but many of them%)  I will put something from the magazines in my current sewing list.

I participate in  Spring Sewing Swap 2014 organized by Kestrel Makes. I was paired with Tine from Hamburg. My parcel is somewhere on its trip and will arrive very soon I hope!!

I was thinking to join Summer Stashbust 2014 by Sally but failed just in the begging, eh! But I believe even with this failure I will continue to participate saying that my stashbusting started from 1 July%)) I will post some my sewing plans soon. Also I still should blog some my fresh and old me-made, so a lot of writing and sewing%)

It spoiled my stashbusting!

Now I am in!

Friday, 13 June 2014

MMM2013 and MMM2014 in numbers

blue dress - 1
red dress - 1
old dress - 3
simplicity dress - 1

total - 4 dress, 6 appearances
grey dress - 1
blue dress - 1
red dress - 1
old dress - 2
simplicity dress - 1

total - 5 dresses, 6 appearances
orange skirt - 1
black skirt -7
home skirt - 2
stripe home skirt - 2
red skirt - 2
refashioned orange skirt -3
cropped jeans - 4
cropped shorts - 1

total - 6 skirts, 2 "trousers", 21 appearances
stripe maxi skirt - 2
polka dot circle skirt - 3
orange skirt - 1
refashioned orange skirt - 1
red skirt - 2
black skirt - 2
refashioned green skirt - 2
refashioned white skirt - 1
wide-leg trousers - 1
refashioned shorts -1

total - 8 skirts, 2 "trousers", 16 appearances
green jumper - 2
crazy long-sleeve - 2
blouse - 1
green long-sleeve - 3

total - 4 tops, 8 appearances
refashioned top - 3
refashioned t-shirt - 1
green jumper - 4
green long-sleeve - 2
crazy long-sleeve - 1

total - 5 tops, 11 appearances

4 home outfits from 31, 12 outfits with refashioned garments 
5 refashioned garments, 11 totally me-made - 16 in total.

0 home outfits, 8 outfits with refashioned garments
6 refashioned garments,  14 totally me-made - 20 in total.

So these are a lot of numbers%))) What do they mean? This year I wear more me-made garments%) There were no home outfits but I would like to make some home trousers and maybe warm hoody or cardi. My favorite clothes element is a skirt, no doubt!

I like Me-Made-May! This was very positive event, I liked to show my garments, to wear nice stuff every day, to make pictures, to get lovely comments and to see outfit all over the world. Yes, near the end of month it became little bit tricky but in any way it was very nice event%)

I didn't manage to finish my 3 UFO only one from my list and fresh one. The butterfly t-shirt still waits its time as brown skirt (I am really not happy with this skirt, yeap).

I decided to put more me-made tops in my sewing list, woven and knit, lets start with summer's ones. Also I want to sew some trousers, shorts and cardi. And I need to make a jacket too! So big plans till next May%))

The last conclusion is that I can remake good patterns. I like to make new patterns but think that repeating is boring but now I changed my mind and suppose good patterns should be made one more time or even two more times! 

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