Friday, 14 December 2012

My New Year's presents!%))

Here in Russia New Year's Day is more popular holiday then Christmas, so that why I have named my post the New Year's presents%))


Last week in one day I received a lot of packages! The all of them related to sewing!%) The first one was my giveaway win from The Perfect Nose. I was very excited to win and very excited to get my package from Australia! See which nice stamps I have now%)) Also the magazine and postcard and nice patterns!! Thanks!!!

The second one was the package from The Big 4 . This was my first purchase there so I took only 3 patterns just to try%)) I choose pretty simple patterns, but I want very much B5734. Shipping cost to Russia is pretty high, so even with $1.99 sale the price for one pattern is pretty high!

The third one were some old Burda magazines.
Old Burda magazines

And finally, the forth were the silk fabrics! A lot of them!!! I want to made long wide skirt, some dresses, short skirt etc! I bought a lot because the price was very good!!

So this is was my happy sewing day of presents! Ok, really, I payed for almost all of that but it seems like present%))

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Short report about sewing progress

As always I made pretty big plans, my winter sewing is not a exception!%) I am pretty slow in the execution of my plan. Now I am working on my blue dress, I try to make it almost perfect, he-he!%) I use French seams in my lining also I use bias for the dress's seam allowances. Because of all that my sewing is pretty slow!
Blue dress and remaking winter dress
Mess on my table%)

But I cannot do one thing for a long time so I've decided to make some very-very short project and have made a home skirt to brighten a little bit gray December! This was my old long-sleeve! I am so happy with my skirt, which is not perfect of course but very funny! I think I should make something in orange stripes for summer, but little bit more accurate%))

Orange and stripes!!
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