Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My delayed review of burda 02/2013

I haven't bought Burda 01-2013 because I decided that a lot of patterns were rather repetitive so I could easily skip that issue. The most interesting pattern from January is this blouse(or a dress based on the same pattern). I decided to buy it in PDF if I would understand that can live without it%)
Favorite pattern from 01-2013

The February issue I found more interesting so it went into my collection. The favorite pattern is raglan shirt. I have already traced it though I have 3 projects in my queue. I mean nearest projects - almost on the sewing table, not somewhere in my head, there I have endless line%) I want to make long sleave, dress and short-sleeve too! Of course I am a fan of raglan, you know!%)
Raglan shirt

I think I like all knit patterns from this issue%) Look, how nice they are%)Now I want to find red polka dot top!

Also I like the most patterns in Classic section. I should make Marlene trousers for my wardrobe only I don't know if it is possible to wear them without high heels.

There are some nice dresses in the magazine, I like the gathered one, but this pattern is for petite woman, so may be I will try to make the same skirt for summer.

Also I like a jacket and shorts from City section.
Some basic shorts, will be good in linen.
Nice blouson.

The raglan jumper is the first in my sewing list from this issue. I plan to make it to wear with my new blue dress.

  The images from Burda pages were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Blue dress from Burda 09/2012, facts

February! No sun for ages! I was waiting it to make nice pictures of my new blue dress but I think such opportunity will appear only in March%( I was planning to make some different outfits with the dress so in this post I will write some facts and the next one will be proper pattern review (with or without sun%)

Usual Feb view

I bought a magazine with a pattern just before my trip to France in last September, I liked the pattern very much so I decided to buy a fabric for this dress during the trip. I saw it in some bright green but when I was in Milan (the last point of my trip) without any fabric for this dress I decided that I should buy anything at all costs! So green turn into blue:)

Serios look%))

Then I was choosing a lining very long, then I even made a muslin! This was my first muslin, he-he! I had planned to finish it before New Year but...I have finished it just in January. I tried to make it very accurate, I used french seams for the lining and the bias tape for seam allowance. So it became the first dress of 2013%)

Tried to make nice inside

I like it's A-line look. It is very 60's I think%) I found McCall's 2027 pattern which looks pretty similar. The neckline seams to be little bit too wide to my taste but may be this is because I never wear something like this. Also I  like the pockets, they are very cute!

Cute pockets!!

BTW now I know that 100 meters of thread is not enough for such dress so in the future I will buy 200 or 400 meters%)
100m is not enough!

  • Fabric:  1.2m wool from Milan, lining - a silk from Russian site, about 1.1 m
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 09/2011 105
  • Pattern was first, fabric was bought specially for this pattern%)
  • Notions: bias for seam-allowances, fusible stay tape, thread
  • Time to complete: I started it in end of October 2012, wanted to finish for New Year, have finished in January 2013, I measured pure time for sewing - 16.5 hours, this time is not included tea breaks, looking for technical information and visiting shops for buying notions
  • First worn:  9 Feb,2013 in the theater. It looks like I wear my new works only in theaters%)
  • Wear again:  Of course, why for I would spend so much time on it%)
  • Total cost:  20 euro for fabric + 6.7 euro for silk lining + 4.75 euro for notions + 2 euro for pattern = 33.45 euro

Mariinsky theater and I%)
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