Monday, 26 November 2012

Review Burda 12/2012

Sooo, I bought a new magazine! I like to make review of the paper issue, not the preview on the site, I don't know why%)
Burda 12/2012

This was not only one magazine this month, I bought a lot of old Burda, also some old reprints of La Mia Boutique ( we have in Russia one magazine which reprint LMB with some delay), may be some day I will make post with the best models from the old magazines too, it can be interesting!

So, for me Burda 12/2012 is not the best issue of the year. But there is some pretty nice patterns. Let's start!

Some pretty nice jackets - one, two, three (of course, not in gold, I don't know where I can wear gold jacket%).

Very interesting one is this jacket, but I am afraid it is too difficult for me! It has the highest difficulty in sewing!I think this is the most interesting pattern in this magazine!

The most interesting pattern, IMHO

There are some basic tops, some of them can be nice at the summer time - with long sleeves, without sleeves and without sleeves version 2. Also I like a dress based on the last pattern(but not from this fabric!)

I like military coat (hm, I am pretty big fan of military style, I think%)

I like the both looks with this skirt.

And my favorite section is City!
I like a hoody, a skirt, a jumper and a jacket!%)) I want them all! They are pretty my style, casual and interesting too!

What do you think about this issue?

  The images from Burda pages were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Green finish finished jumper

I am ready for some shopping!
 I´ve finished this jumper more then 2 weeks ago but post it only now%)
The fabric was bought in summer, this was nice suggestion on one local sewing forum.The fabric was made in Finland (Orneule Oy) for the army clothes. I took a lot of it to practice to sew knits and to make something useful for me and Semeon too:)

When I was looking for the old Burda magazines in the internet (because I want to buy some old nice issues to have in my collection and to sew from them of course), I pretty much like this jumper from Burda 11/2011 but I didn't have this issue. Some weekend my friend Pasha(btw this is male name in Russia) brought me some magazines from his mother and there was this number too!
Burda 11/2011
I traced and cut it pretty fast, I don't have any problem with tracing from Burda because for me this is only one experience of tracing%) So I am ok with tracing the Burda patterns.  

I choose to make 34 size instead of 36 because I want to have not too oversized jumper. Instructions were ok, because there was a master-class with the pictures in the magazine. So I made the jumper pretty fast%)) I don't have a serger so I used zigzag to finish seam allowances. For hemming I used a twin needle. This one was little bit narrow so for the next project I bought another one.

I like long sleeves, loose shoulders and the way how it look from the back and how you can drape it at the front. The jumper is very comfortable and warm! To sew knits was pretty nice and easy, so I will continue.

Front view
Back view

I wanted to make pictures in one cafe near our home but it was full, I was very disappointed so we made them in a supermarket, eh!

  • Fabric:  about 1.8m of wool-viscose blend(60% wool, 30% viscose(rayon)
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 11/2011
  • Pattern was first, fabric from stash
  • Notions:  twin needle
  • Time to complete: 2 or 3 days, for some hours per day
  • First worn:  November 5th to the shop
  • Wear again:  Definitely, I have already done it again%)
  • Total cost:  1.8m * 1.8euro for fabric + 0.4euro for treads, magazine for free, should I count tween needle? = 3.64 euro - good price%))
 If somebody wants  the traced pattern I can send it easily:)

Friday, 16 November 2012

Fabrics from France, part 2

I need to finish my posts about the fabrics from French trip before I go somewhere else%))) Since last fabric's post I've even made skirt from one piece from Roeun!%)) Unbelievable speed for me!

Before my trip I saw somewhere in blogosphere about big fabric shop in Paris, it was Marché Saint-Pierre, of course I wanted to visit it! I am big fan of big specialize shops! For example I like to visit German supermarket Boesner for art-material when I can!%)) I always bought heaps of papers, notebooks and markers there%)) But this is not about fabrics, sorry!%))

So I planned to visit this marche, we made it together with our Parisian friend and left Semeon somewhere not far away because he is not a fan of big fabric's shop, ha-ha! Not only big, he doesn't like the small ones too because I always ask his opinion about some fabric but he hasn't any!%))

The district near Marché Saint-Pierre is full with different shops so you need a lot of time to visit them all! I have made some purchase in the 3 of them.

The first one was Tissus Reine. This is pretty big shop with good choice of fabrics for clothes and home, with patters department etc. I bought there laces for my polka dot dress(eh, I put it away till next summer). Also I was looking for fusible stay tape but it was too difficult to explain to non sewing friend what I needed(I don't know how it will be in french%).

Then I saw Coupons De Saint Pierre. Ooo, I like such shops where you need to find something in the boxes! Coupon is remnant in French. There were the boxes with fixed price with 3 meters remnants. I chose there 2 pieces - 3m of orange cotton and 3m of navy linen.

Long story short we came to Marché Saint-Pierre. I some much wanted to buy some bright madras print but decided to do this next time!%)) So I chose some brown jersey for winter-fall dress. Also I bought buttons for polka dot dress, I was not very satisfied with my choice but I decided to buy them or else I wouldn't have any buttons! I always imagine something that nowhere exist that why I try to buy red summer shoes 5 years%))
So, these are pictures to this long story!

Parisian fabrics
Laces and buttons for polka dot dress

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Top 5 in my sewing Fall-Winter wish list.

It is little bit later for fall plans but I should post it in any way, just for encouraging and motivating myself%)) So let´s say it is the cold time plan!

I decided not to create too a long list because I know that I can be very sad after not completing it.. But if the list is very long, of course I wouldn´t complete it, I am too slow. Complicated!!!


  1. I need to finish some UFO. The first one is grey dress, I started it in the spring then dropped it in the warm times. I need to fix some problems with the darts.
    Burda 12/2008
  2. Next UFO, very long one. Silk dress, I started it very long ago, it is too difficult for me - difficult fabric, pretty thin and slippery, cut  on the bias, french seams! Ohhh! 
    Burda 10/2004
  3. Blue dress from italian wool. I have already made a muslin for it - complete garment
    Burda 09/2012
  4. Blouse for my new orange skirt. I am thinking about model%) - complete garment
    Cotton for a blouse
  5. Free position. May be some dress for New Year?%)) 

Also I should  finish some stuff - change one old winter dress(already cut the length) and finish 2 summer things, I don't want they become UFO%))

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Review Burda 11/2012

I like to read magazine´s reviews very much!%)) So why not to try to make my own? It would be interesting to see later what I will make from this issue and compare with my current preferences.

This month Burda has published 2 magazines - easy version and usual one. I bought the both. I should say that in Russia the patterns magazines are more popular that envelope patterns. The magazines are pretty cheap (Russian version of Burda costs 3 euro per issue, so even if you like only 4-5 patterns from issue, this is good deal) and we have a lot of different magazines here. 

The first magazine - Burda Sew Easy.

I bought the magazine because of 2 patterns - I like the vest and the dress. Hope to make the vest this winter%)))

The usual version of magazine has more patterns thus I have more favorites here.

So, let´s see!

I think these trousers will be good for winter if I would make them from wool fabric. 

The blouse and the dress are pretty nice, may be not black and white, too formal for me.

Also I like the dress based on the blouse pattern.  This is petite pattern, but I will try to make it longer%))

I need this jacket for spring, for sure!!! Very nice!

Two more good dresses, I am big fan of dresses%) Especially with long sleeves.
One and two. First one is good for spring too.

But my personal best from this issue are these trousers! Want them!

Uffff!! This was pretty long review! I am tired! Let´s sew something%)) What do you think about my choice and the magazines?

The images from Burda page were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner.
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