Wednesday, 27 February 2013

My delayed review of burda 02/2013

I haven't bought Burda 01-2013 because I decided that a lot of patterns were rather repetitive so I could easily skip that issue. The most interesting pattern from January is this blouse(or a dress based on the same pattern). I decided to buy it in PDF if I would understand that can live without it%)
Favorite pattern from 01-2013

The February issue I found more interesting so it went into my collection. The favorite pattern is raglan shirt. I have already traced it though I have 3 projects in my queue. I mean nearest projects - almost on the sewing table, not somewhere in my head, there I have endless line%) I want to make long sleave, dress and short-sleeve too! Of course I am a fan of raglan, you know!%)
Raglan shirt

I think I like all knit patterns from this issue%) Look, how nice they are%)Now I want to find red polka dot top!

Also I like the most patterns in Classic section. I should make Marlene trousers for my wardrobe only I don't know if it is possible to wear them without high heels.

There are some nice dresses in the magazine, I like the gathered one, but this pattern is for petite woman, so may be I will try to make the same skirt for summer.

Also I like a jacket and shorts from City section.
Some basic shorts, will be good in linen.
Nice blouson.

The raglan jumper is the first in my sewing list from this issue. I plan to make it to wear with my new blue dress.

  The images from Burda pages were took for illustration and discussion and remain the copyright of the owner. 


  1. Do not delay any more! I can't wait!

  2. I didn´t buy this one either. I´m on a Burda diet!

    1. Hmm, you are strong person! It is so cheap here that I cannot resist the temptation%)

  3. This does look like a good issue! All the knit patterns look really nice. I may have to renew my subscription one of these days...


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