Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cover for Kindle

We still have cold season here in Russia so I am still driving away at my fall-winter list%) I am sewing a blouse number 4 and trying to do my best to finish it in March, in this one!

I have been in 2 weeks' trip and before it I have made a cover for Kindle because this one is not mine so I didn't want to break it or scratch. So I tried to make some quick item.

Me-made Kindle cover

I didn't search for any tutorial so I made it with some mistakes but I will correct them in the next one - Semeon wants a cover for his scratched Kindle too%)

I put fusible interfacing for the inner side but it would be better to put it on the outer side. I made a pocket  in a hurry so it is not very straight. Also the central detail is little bit too wide.

Inside view
I am very glad how my machine managed with sewing through all that thick layers. I put a padding polyester inside so there were 2 denim layer + padding + ribbon + thick facing! BTW next time I will cut out the facing without a seam allowance because it was very difficult to turn out this sandwich!


  • Fabric:  denim from old jeans, different leftovers
  • Pattern: self-drafted 
  • Notions: ribbon, button (from RTW clothes)
  • Time to complete: 2,5 hours without any tea breaks%) 
  • First worn:  28 Feb at home%)
  • Wear again:  Of course!
  • Total cost:  May be 0,25 euro for ribbon%)


  1. Nice! I've got an ebook reader cover as a UFO project (it's been UFO for over 2 years now..shame on me) Maybe, because it's my reader, so I don't bother to protect it...
    Yours looks just right for the job!


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