Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Almost done - blouse Burda 12/2012 119

I have a very bad habit - I don't like to finish projects which are almost done! When you are in the end of a process you are already in the next project so the current one just slows you down from the next one. I am not the only one - very often I read about UFOs with only unfinished hem or unsewn buttons %)

Hope my blouse will be finished soon and will not become UFO! I spent a huge amount of time to choose a pattern, I want something like blouse (not shirt), something simple and for small amount of fabric because I have only 1.10 meter (width 1.60) which is not really enough for a long-sleeve blouse. Finally I choose Simple Blouse 12/2012 119 from Burda, I even picked this pattern in my review before%)

I don't have special cutting table so I cut on the floor previously. This time I tried a dinning table, it was not sufficient wide but better that the floor. My fabric was little bit short, so I had to make some changes in the pattern. I shortened sleeves and made cuffs wider to keep the lenght.

My cutting table

These were my first set-in sleeves%) They are not perfect, there are 2 or 3 small wrinkles but I am ok with them %) I even didn't mix up right and left sleeve or front or back of them! There was not too much ripping this time.

First set-in sleeve

I am not happy with a neckline, I used bias for a neck edge exactly as in the instructions, but the edge doesn't stay flat. I will try to repress it, hope it helps a little bit. Also I understood I was not the best topstitcher!%)) I am considering to buy the special footer for topstitching.

Not the best neckline

I decided to hem using the footer for blind hem, I will show the result in the next chapter%)


I only need to sew the buttons and make a hanging loop! I should finish it in March!%)


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