Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fabrics from France, part 1

  So, about new fabrics. The first purchase was in Rouen. I found the big shop from Toto chain somewhere in the center of Rouen. I haven´t known about this chain, only after my purchase I got the list of the shops everywhere in France.
  This was pretty big shop!! I haven´t enough time to see it all because we came too late%( They have pretty big choice of fabrics, furniture, upholstery fabrics, remnants at the nice price.   Semeon have waited me outside(he is not big fan of fabric's shops and I was trying to make some choice%)) 
  Before the trip I've made small research and wrote down necessary length for some nice patterns which I probably would like to make. Finally I took 3 pieces of remnants. I would like to take more but I was too excited in such big shop and also I had in my mind that I would make some more shopping in Paris. I would like to take some nice thick wool(2m for 20 euro) but it was too bulky for our backpacks!

Catch from Toto in Rouen
  Orange one is wool with viscose, I am going to make a skirt from it, right now!%)) The others are cotton for dress and blouse, I think.

3, rue des Arsins 76000 ROUEN


  1. Some really lovely fabrics there :)

    1. Oh, yes!%) And much more in the shop!So I made circles like crazy%) We have nice fabrics in Russia but the prices are mad here%(

      Now I need to make something lovely from them! I even pre-washed one piece and am deciding what to cut from it!

  2. helleo,i like your skirt,and the fabrics you bought.I am surprised,because i amfan of "le Marche St pierr",Tissus Reine et Toto,because i live between Rouen and Paris.

    Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks! I hope to return to Rouen, I like it and didn´t spend enough time in Toto%)


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