Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New fabrics

 I am back! I haven't give up sewing, no, I just was traveling and now I have some new fabrics for the autumn and winter sewing. I suppose I should pack my summer projects even unfinished ones (I will finish them next spring) so I could do something for current season. I only decided to finish 2 remakes - the back of the red Simplicity dress (I have made too wide dress and the back doesn´t looks good enough) and the summer skirt from another skirt laid too long time in my wardrobe ( I only need to align the skirt's bottom and hem it).

These are fabrics etc from Rouen, Paris and Milano%)  Unpacked view


  1. It is fun to bring back new fabrics from a holiday; wearable souvenirs! :)

    1. Yes, exactly! Also more memory about nice trip!%)


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