Saturday, 27 October 2012

Orange skirt

Finally I should post some pictures of my new orange skirt! I am pretty bad model and Semeon is not the best fashion photographer(sorry, darling!) so the first attempt to photo the skirt last Saturday didn't satisfied me. Then I asked my tripod for help, I tried 2 times and still no good result! I decided to stop and post what I have. May be next time we will produce better stuff%)

I choose to make 08/2012 314 from Burda Style magazine. This was pretty easy and fast. My only change was to add the lining because this is wool skirt and I want to wear it with the tights.  Oh, I also added 3 more cm to the length. Only one difficulty was to turn out the corners near the zipper after stitching the facing because the fabric was pretty thick.

I like the result!

And close-up!  Don't pay attention to our old Soviet style balcony!

The same color with balcony%)

PS. I have small piece of left-over, so may be I will add pockets later to my skirt%) Like at the skirt 08/2012 135 but without flaps, not enough fabric for them.

  • Fabric:  06.m of wool-viscose blend
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 08/2012 134
  • Fabric was first, them I choose a pattern
  • Notions:  zipper, lining
  • Time to complete: pretty fast, may be 2-3 hours together (I am very slow person!)
  • First worn:  October 20th to the theater
  • Wear again:  Definitely
  • Total cost:  11 euro



  1. Sure thing, a tripod is better than Semeon :)

  2. Snazzy! Great colors for spb weather! Like it))

  3. Looks really good!

  4. Really pretty. I love how it looks with that top. And I like your "facts" section!

  5. Oh your skirt is lovely! That colour is absolutely gorgeous, and it looks terrific with your striped Tshirt :)

  6. Gasp! I love it and I love the tights!

  7. Отличный цвет! Так хорошо юбка смотрится с колготками!

    1. Подбирала среди оранжевых, их у меня даже пару нашлось:))


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