Thursday, 25 October 2012

Boring sewing of the bed linen

Sewing home stuff is soooo boring!!! I should make one blanket cover and some pillowcase%( But this is so boring, you need to sew long straight lines only!
I see only one positive thing - that you have the result very fast!

So I am going to finish this boring sewing and start my first project from knit fabric! I´ve shown the picture in my last post.
I cut  11/2011 114 knit wrap top from Burda.
Hope this will be not very long project!%)

PS. Can you believe that I was thinking that 1 yard is about the half of meter?%)) I don't know why!!! But now I know the truth!


  1. Uhh, I like the model very much! Show the picture with orange skirt!!!!!

  2. Yes, straight lines are not for you :)

  3. It looks easy! Knits are fun to sew.

  4. A great first knits project - and so much more gratifying than bed linens... I've been putting off sewing up some curtains for too long now!

    1. I decided I just should finish these linens! BEcause they took place in my fabric shelf%))


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