Saturday, 26 January 2013

Fabrics from Paris and Milan, part 3

It is the end of January but I don't finish a story about my fabrics from September trip!%)) So I do this very quickly!

After finding out Toto in Rouen I decided to visit one in Paris too. It was rainy day, I was alone so I visited two shops. They were not so exciting and big like Rouen's one. I found one piece of nice flannel and corresponding buttons.
One more Parisian fabric

Then was Lugano's part of my trip%) My return flight was from Milan so I planned to visit some fabric shops there too. Of course not only fabric's! I brought back to Russia a kilos of cheeses, olives, pasta, pesto etc!

I visited Tessuti Raponi. They have pretty big choice of good costume wools and different silks. Downstairs there are some remnants which you can buy by weight. I found there nice brown wool in stripes. It was pretty light%) Also I bought there a bright blue wool for a dress from Burda 09/2012 which I have almost finished!%)

Fabrics from Milano
Of course, I got a lot of new fabrics in my stash from September%) May be I will record them too but at first I should write down my plans and wishes for Sewing 2013%)) So this will be my next post!


  1. These fabrics are great, I bought a tonne in Paris when I went in July last year. My suitcase was soooo heavy on the trip back :)

  2. Look forward for the results of your sewing :)

  3. These are lovely fabrics. Souvenir fabric always makes me think of the place I bought it when I finally get around to making it into something.

    1. Yes, this is like a piece of memory which you can wear%))


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