Thursday, 10 January 2013

Sewing Summary 2012

It is time to post a new sewing plans and resolutions for 2013 but at first I should write a summary of 2012 %)

This was a year when I start to sew a little bit difference, sewing took a little bit more of my time and my attention among my different hobbies. I should write a story about my sewing in past but in this case this post will be too long so I would do this later!%))

So 2012 was a year of new sewing!%)) We bought me a new sewing machine and I have started to plan to sew more and more, I have made a big stash of fabrics(about this I would write separately too%)) and old pattern magazines, I even bought some Big 4 and vintage envelope patterns, I won my first giveaway, I sewed first time with knit fabric, I finished my first knitting project (this was almost UFO), I made a lot stuff for apartments(curtains, tablecloths, bed linens, covers for stools), a lot of alterations of RTW clothes (jeans, shorts etc for me and Semeon), finished some UFOs and made some new ones. I made a dress for my friend, shorts for her daughter, I made for myself 2 new skirts, one jumper, some home clothes, fleece socks for wellies %)  I started this blog and wrote some pattern reviews and posted my sewing on different sites. I learned a lot about sewing technique, different tips and tricks! I  stopped be afraid to insert zippers%)))))

Numerically these are not too much, I know that I am a plan maker and not very good executor but I will try to change the last one in this year because I think I made perfect basis for this %)

Sewing 2012


  1. You've had a terrific 2012, here's wishing you an excellent 2013... Happy New Year Sveta :)

  2. You had a great year! I am a plan maker, too. I don't follow through on probably half of what I plan to do ;)

    1. Me too! But I say that this is plan-maximum%))


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