Wednesday, 2 January 2013

December creations

Ohhh!! This is already 2013! I should make new plans for the year! But at first I should post my final creations of 2012 and sewing summary of 2012%) I guessed that I would finish my blue dress till Hew Year celebration but I didn't manage with it so it will be a creation of 2013%)

The main news is my finished legwarmers! I have started them  sooo long time ago that I even don't remember when exactly. I am very-very bad knitter! May be one day I will try to knit a jumper and I will do it in one year, not in 5%))

Red legwarmers

Suddenly I have made a tablecloth for New Year celebration. I was looking for something in my fabric stash and found a fabric which I bought pretty long time ago in Lithuania. I planned to make a dress or a skirt from it but now I have realized the fabric was too hard for clothes. So I was looking at it and decided to make a tablecloth. I think this was a fabric for this kind of stuff, not for dress. 

New Year tablecloth

And finally!! I have one old style suitcase, it was very ugly inside so I decided to change it little. Now I like it more! I will put in it some of my fabrics and patterns which I plan to do next so they will be in easy access!%)

Suitcase for sewing projects


  1. Happy new year! The suitcase is a really clever idea.

    1. Happy NY to you too! I would like to have small stash and put all fabrics in one suitcase but mine stash is too big for this!! I need to spend it!!

  2. The legwarmers look pretty cool! I am sure in 2013 your knitting speed will increase :) I can feel it through virtual spaces of cosmos ^.^ Absolutely adorable suitcase :) I've been looking for something like this for a long time (no kidding). Love the creativity!

    1. I got it for free. This was sad story. I worked a little as volunteer when everybody collected the stuff for Krymsk, where was a flood. So people just brought some clothes etc to donate in such suitcases!! We had some of them after selecting and repacking all things. So I took it from the garbage!


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