Saturday, 27 April 2013

Turtleneck for dress and quick hat

Print jumper

I bought this knit fabric specially to make a jumper for my blue dress. It was not cheap but I liked a print so much! Also it was wool so I took it.

I was thinking to use this pattern but as usually I hadn't enough fabric%) So I chose a turtleneck from Burda 09/2010.

I cut size 36 without seam allowances because my fabric was pretty stretchy and I wanted fitted garment. I didn't follow Burda instructions - I cut a ease from sleeve's caps and sewed sleeves flat (as I understood it was common for knits to put sleeves flat). For neck I found great post in pictures. I used only overstitching stitch at my machine (I haven't serger), so I will test how this stitch will behave in wearing.

Back view

I didn't manage very well with print matching on sleeves and a body because I didn't pay attention that the print had 3 different lines not two%)) But I am Ok with this! I should be more careful with prints in future%)

I like the long sleeves of this turtleneck and pretty loose neck.
Also I made fast hat from remnants%) I draw pattern myself. 


  • Fabric:  1.15m (width 1.5m) of wool knit, very thin.
  • Pattern: Burda magazine 09/2010 121
  • Fabric was bought first, to companion to my blue dress
  • Notions: thread, twin needle
  • Time to complete: I started it in end of March, have finished 14 April. Sewing time - 5.05 hours. 1.40 for preparation, 3.25 - sewing.
  • First worn: 20 April for walking and photoshoot
  • Wear again:  Yes!
  • Total cost:  16 euro for fabric (it was pretty expansive but I like print so much! And this is wool!!) + 1.5 euro for thread (magazine was present)  = 17.5 euro


  1. This is great!! And I love that fabric, I can totally see why you forked out a bit more for it. I have a navy blue/spotty wool knit fabric that I am still deciding what to do with, but I'm thinking a long sleeved wrap dress for the winter.

  2. Love the idea of matching hat! Brilliant.


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