Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Intermediate review of sewing 2013: first 3 months

So 3 months of 2013 passed and I want to look on my plans for this year and see the progress and the fields on which I should concentrate.

Let's see:

  • to make 20 items - I made 3. I hope to increase my sewing speed because I want to make some summer tops and skirts and this is more faster sewing tasks.
  • to decrease my fabric stash by 30 metres - BIG FAIL!  I will write about this separately. 
  • to finish my 3 UFOno progress. But I plan to make the skirt from the UFO list in April. 
  • to make different types of clothes (10 types) - I made 2, one in progress, well done!
    • to make last summer's projects - next month's task
    • to use patterns from different producers (8) - first one in progress only%(
    • to try to make The Big Project (a leather jacket) - I traced pattern, bought zippers(it was difficult to find ones), am looking for lining and am going to make muslin.
    • to make a catalog of my patterns - in progress, it is difficult task because I buy new magazines all the time.

    Just to add some pictures to this post - new residents (hope not permanent%)) of my stash!

    Linen for summer circle skirt
    For trousers
    Knit  - a long skirt and a t-shirt

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