Sunday, 12 May 2013

Back to sewing and blogging!

I was at short Bavarian trip, I have 3 new me-made garments waiting to be post in my blog, also I need to add Me-Made-May,13 photos here too.

I have finished only 4 from 5 items from my sewing list (I finished my b-day dress, hura!! May be it was not perfect but i enjoyed wearing it!), so I couldn't buy any fabrics but I bought some sewing presents for myself in Munich and Nuremberg, I couldn't resist!

My b-day's presents%)

I have here 3 fabrics - linen(!) boucle for a jacket, cotton denim for a skirt, a small piece of stretchable silk for lingerie set, also some notions and one(!) Patrones. I wanted more magazines because there was a huge assortment in the shop at Munich railway station, but they cost 10 euro, and I already have a lot of  magazines, so I took only one because I like them very much%))

Now I need to write down my new sewing list!! It will be soon!


  1. Happy birthday and waiting for your plan! It is very intriguing!

    1. I am spending more time planning then sewing%))

  2. I whish I could show you all my to-do lists, plannings and notes!!! :)


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