Tuesday, 14 May 2013

From trousers to a skirt!

I suppose that everybody one day does it! I mean making a skirt from trousers%))

These were my corduroy jeans!
I like these jeans, wore them a lot so the bottoms of legs became pretty threadbare. Then I put them in my recycle box going to leave them near garbage bins. This is Russian way for recycling. But they don't want to leave me!  I decided to make a skirt. I wanted to sew new orange corduroy skirt but I didn't  find a fabric of my dream!%)) So I decided that my favorite jeans could work a little bit more for me.

The hardest part was to unpick seams%) Then I just cut extra fabric from inseam, try it one and decided that it would work! I even bought the thick thread for topstitching. Now I know that this is not my favorite part, I need more experience.

The result

Of course, this is not a perfect skirt, you can see some wrinkles, but pretty the same behave my RTW narrow denim skirts. By the way, fabric had some stretch in it, so I don't fill narrowness of the skirt. This is very comfortable skirt and I like it!%))

I made the pictures myself so nobody said
me I should to set the leggings well%))
Rear view%)
  • Fabric:  old trousers
  • Pattern: none
  • Notions: thick thread
  • Time to complete: about 2 hours plus walking to the shop for thread%)
  • First worn: 13 April at home%)
  • Wear again:  Yes!
  • Total cost:  1.5 euro (but almost all thread stay for the next projects%)


  1. What a great colour, they were worth saving!

  2. Are these the pictures you took at the park? Believe it or not I´ve never turned a pair of trousers into a skirt.

    1. These one are from the yard between buildings%)) More strange place to make pictures%)))

  3. That is a really fun colour, great that you could keep it as a new garment! I haven't yet turned trousers into a skirt, but I definitely have some trousers that I'm having trouble throwing out - I think I need to try this too.


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