Thursday, 23 May 2013

Me-Made-May, 2013. Week 3.

I am again too late with this post%) But in any way I should continue this challenge! The bigger photos you can see at Flickr.

 13 May. Me-made turtleneck.

15 May. Me-refashioned skirt. I like it very much!%)
 16 May. Me-refashioned jeans.

 17 May. Me-made blouse and me-refashioned skirt(from jeans)

 18 May. Me-made skirt. I should write about it after Me-Made-May because  it seems that I wear it almost every day%)

 19 May. Me-made dress. Will blog it soon too%)


  1. You are doing wonderfully in MMM 13!
    I´m looking for a contact e-mail, but I cannot find one. Please send me a message to It is about the trousers you like so much ;)


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