Friday, 17 May 2013

New sewing list for me!

Only one unsewn item remains in "current sewing list" so I will write the next one! These lists motivate me pretty well!
Really my backlog of ideas, wishing and sewing plans is huuuuuuuuge! Also I have a huge box of different UFOs so I decided to include them too in my current list so not only new projects will be realized.

New projects (from scratch)
  • Maxi-skirt from knit - done (22/06)

  • Muslin for leather jacket
  • Scarf from silk 
  • Green trousers from last summer - done (27/07)
  • Burda sew-along - Raglan Shirt Burda 02/2013 - done! (26/05)
  • Knit skirt for my friend - done (28/06)
  • Simple bag from linen - need to buy ribbon for handle
  • Simple jumper for cold summer nights form finish green fabric 
Refashion, changing, repair etc
  • To finish summer brown skirt
  • Winter dress - need new long zipper
  • To fix some technical issues in orange bag
  • To finish changing of red Simplicity dress - decided to keep it like this, it is ok!
  • To remove pockets on new red skirt (I don't like how they came out) - done (26/06)
  • To change Asos dress to skirt - done (05/06)
  • To look on the waist of new red dress (belt or alteration?)
  • Repair a pocket of the bag - done! (28/06)
  • Repair a lining of Semeon's jacket
I have to finish this list quickly because I want to make the next one and sew my coll ideas!%))


  1. Great sewing list. I made my first one last year and it really helped me to stick with making the things I needed rather than divert. i really need to make a new one for the winter though, it's starting to get really cold here now!


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