Monday, 27 May 2013

Me-Made-May, 2013. Week 4.

Soo, this is week 4! It will be new participant this week!%)) As previous time the bigger photos are at Flickr.

20 May. Me-made home skirt (from old long-sleeve)
21 May. Me-refashion jeans. I should make some trousers for next MMM%)
22 May. me-made black skirt.
23 May. Me-made jumper and again refashioned jeans.
24 May. I wear the same outfit as 23 may but at the picture I worn another jumper because I forgot to photo after walking%)
25 May. It was rain so we stayed at home, I in me-made skirt.
26 May. I worn my new me-made tee%)

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