Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 2.

So second week already done. Let's see short review. Big pictures are on Flickr.

May, 5 5 May. Today I should wear b-day dress but with all this moving to new apartment I didn't have time. But I had unfinished skirt! So b-day circle skirt.
May, 6
May 6. B-day dress from previous year. I was on a concert so decided this dress will be just good for event%) I still need to make some changes in it, but with jacket it looks not bad.
May, 7
May 7. Refashioned top from man's shirt.
May, 8
May 8. It was cold day so I could wear my wool skirt.
May, 9
May 9. Refashioned t-shirt. I saved print from the old one%) I really need more me-made tops!
May, 10
May 10. Trousers-to-skirt%)
May, 11
May 11. Favorite comfy warm jumper!


  1. Love your day 5 skirt! I really like navy blue and polka dots and circle skirts, so--awesome!
    And happy birthday!

    1. I like pola dots too but this is my first garment with dots%)))


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