Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me-Made-May, 2014. Week 4.

Week 4 is done! All pictures are on Flickr.

May, 19 May 19. Green warm sweater and hat%)
May, 20
May 20. Maxi skirt. I like it! It is pity that I used for it not the best fabric by quality.
May 21
May 21. Green long-sleeve. I still haven't ironing board!
May 22
May 22. Old old dress.
May 24
May 23. Polka dots circle skirt! Ah, I am its fan%)
May 24
May 24. Freshly refashioned skirt (from second-hand wrap skirt).
May 25
May 25. It was rainy and cold day! Green sweater and black skirt.


  1. Hi Sveta,
    we have been matched at the Spring Sewing Swap my Kestrel Makes, but I can't find your contact e-mail. I'm really looking forward to the swap, so please reply to me via e-mail. You can find the address on my blog in the imprint.



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