Monday, 15 July 2013

Maxi knit skirt

It is so difficult to post something during a nice summer time! But I should keep tracking my sewing projects!%))

I have finished a maxi skirt in June. I saw the prototype in Jcrew shop in March in Toronto and decided that I should make such skirt!%)) I used a fabric which I bought at a market in Berlin. This was some cheap knit rayon (not very high quality btw).

Jcrew skirt

While I was googling how to make the belt on such skirt, I found the photos of another skirt where the front was made from pieces and made up my mind%)

The sewing process was not difficult but I made a mistake when cut the biggest front piece inside out. So my front piece became from 4 pieces%) I tried to stabilized seams with fusible stay tape but even this way sewing of knit pieces cut in different directions was not easy because the top fabric stretched during sewing. But I like final result!

My skirt!

I added the lining which I made from old t-shirt%)

The back part is simple.

  • Fabric:  1.2m (width 1.5m) of rayon knit + old t-shirt.
  • Pattern: me-made
  • The idea came first then I found a fabric in my stash.
  • Notions: thread, twin needle, fusible stay tape
  • Time to complete: 7.40 hours. Too much time for a knit skirt but I spent a lot making front piece.
  • First worn: 22 June for walking.
  • Wear again:  Yes.
  • Total cost:  3.6 euro for fabric + 0.5 euro for thread + 1 euro for elastic   = 5.1 euro


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