Friday, 6 February 2015

January Burda Challenge. Cushions.

My Burda Challenge, January edition is still in work. I need 4 more hours to finish it and also I need to find buttons but hope there is something in my stash. I am making a blouse 105 from Burda 01/2002.

Burda Challenge, January

But this was not the only one project on my sewing table, of course. I finished second cushion for a couch, the first one was done in the end of December. I saw once in IKEA or maybe in web cushions which look like sweaters so I decided to buy some XXL second-hand sweaters and make these cushions myself. I had some big pillows which I got for free on nice site indeed! I recommend it, I also got a box with some sewing stuff  there).

During sale in Value Village I bought 2 big cotton sweaters for 5$. The sewing was pretty simple%) Only the buttonholes troubled me a little bit. And now we have nice cushions!

Buttons from freecycle
  • Fabric: sweaters from thrift-store
  • Pattern: none
  • I saw cushions somewhere and decided to make them.
  • Notions: thread, buttons
  • Time to complete: 3h10m  (the most time I spend for buttonholes)
  • First worn: December 2014.
  • Total cost: 5 Canadian $ for sweaters, buttons were free  = 5C$ per both. I checked in IKEA, they cost there 20C$ each.
I still have sleeves from these sweaters and I am looking for ideas what to make from them%)


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