Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Plans 2015

I made huge plans for 2015 as usually. I am not sure how I will manage to achieve them all but I will try. The main goal is that I should enjoy my sewing.

The next goal is to win our bet with Semeon that I can make 50 items in 2 years so 15 items should be finished till end of June. I hope the victory will be mine !%)

Also I want to control my fabric stash(this is most difficult) and budget, last year my sewing expenses were too big. I plan to sew not only from Burda, to sew to other persons, to sew some man's clothes, lingerie, a dress per season(at least), finish some old UFOs, use some vintage patterns, learn how to make welt pocket, stop to fear garments with buttons (I don't like buttonholes), make a leather jacket and a wool jacket. I want to knit a hat or maybe two and try to start sweater. Uhh, big plans! And I want to blog regularly%)

Hope I will make again Me Made May and two more challenges - Burda Challenge(I will sew from January issue in January and so one) and Vintage Pledge(I plan to make 2 vintage items). Happy sewing!


  1. "stop to fear garments with buttons (I don't like buttonholes)" ha ha! this is also my plan :)


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