Saturday, 14 February 2015

Bamboo orange skirt

Let me continue my skirtlog. Yes, I should admit that I like to sew and to wear skirts a lot! So this post is about pretty simple skirt which I made in October, just before the flight to China, I was sure that this would be pretty warm there and I could walk in my new skirt.

I have home yoga skirt(from and I found that it was very comfortable to wear so I decided to make my version of yoga skirt. It was very easy to make pattern for it - just two trapezia and two rectangles for waistband(the height of rectangle was two times more then height of waistband). Waistband should be pretty wide so the skirt would stay at place.

Sewing was very simple - side seams on the skirt, side seams on the waistband, then fold one in two and attached to the skirt. But even with such simple skirt I made a lot of problem for myself. First mistake was adding pockets. The second one was cutting one pocket from the waistband's detail! So I made one more trip to a fabric store which doubled the price of my skirt. Also this accident postponed my sewing for long time because I started the skirt in August but finished in October.

Finally I made the pockets and they looked pretty bad on such knit skirt. It was not good idea from the beginning but now I learned the lesson. The skirt is pretty comfy and the bamboo fabric is so smooth and soft, I don't mind to have more garments from bamboo.

  • Fabric:  0.6m (width 1.55m) of bamboo knit. And additional 0.4m because of my bad cutting.
  • Pattern: self drafted
  • Fabric was bought specially for this skirt
  • Notions: thread, twin needle 
  • Time to complete: 3.5 hours(1 hour for removing pockets)
  • First worn: October 2014 for walking in Suzhou, China.
  • Wear again: waiting for warm weather or Me-Made-May.
  • Total cost:  15C$, 5.5$ I paid for additional fabric%(


  1. I wear skirts a lot too so I totally know where you're coming from! This skirt looks lovely and comfy, perfect for exploring China :)

  2. Simple sewing projects are the best! :)


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