Saturday, 27 December 2014

Turtleneck, KwikSew 2403

I am not very good blogger this year. Also I am not very productive seamstress this year too. But this post is not about 2014 summary%) This one is about recent me-made.

I made stripe turtleneck from KwikSew 2403 pattern. I bought it in thrift store. This was first time I used this pattern company. I cut XS but for my opinion this size was too big for me so I took a lot in side seams and underarm too. Also I narrowed the sleeves a lot! I will transfer these changes to my copy and will have nice turtleneck pattern for next garment.

Kwik Sew 2403

For stabilizing shoulder seams I used stay-tape by Collins instead of piece of fabric but I think now this was waste of money because it was itchy. Good lesson for me. Maybe I will find use for it but I am not sure.

Front view%)

This garment is my first fully Canadian as the fabric and the pattern was bought in Vancouver%) Even with itchy shoulders I like my "memade" especially neck and long sleeves, I am big fan of long sleeves, next time I will make cuffs with holes for thumbs.

Awful winter light%(

  • Fabric:  remnant of cotton rib knit, 1.4 m, I still have pretty big piece of it.
  • Pattern: KwikSew 2403
  • I bought the fabric and the pattern without any specific plans.
  • Notions: thread, twin needle, stay-tape 
  • Time to complete:  5.8 hours (too much because of alterations)
  • First worn: November 2014.
  • Wear again:  already.
  • Total cost:  2 Canadian $ for fabric + 0.5 for pattern (was $1, but I used it twice)  = C$2.5

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