Friday, 4 July 2014

What's going on?

The summer is going on so I am slow in my blogging%) Honestly in my sewing too - after Me-Made-May I only have finished already half-done tshirt and refashioned 2 skirts but I have big plans for warm sewing summer and hope I will implement a part of them.

I got a big present from Merche - 4 Patrones magazines with nice patterns, now want to made them all! Ok, not all but many of them%)  I will put something from the magazines in my current sewing list.

I participate in  Spring Sewing Swap 2014 organized by Kestrel Makes. I was paired with Tine from Hamburg. My parcel is somewhere on its trip and will arrive very soon I hope!!

I was thinking to join Summer Stashbust 2014 by Sally but failed just in the begging, eh! But I believe even with this failure I will continue to participate saying that my stashbusting started from 1 July%)) I will post some my sewing plans soon. Also I still should blog some my fresh and old me-made, so a lot of writing and sewing%)

It spoiled my stashbusting!

Now I am in!

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