Sunday, 20 April 2014

Back to sewing and blogging!

More new dresses!!

So I suppose I am back on the track!%))
My last post for soooo long time ago, unbelievable! I didn't stop to sew in last July, I only started my sloooow moving from one country to another one, so I didn't have any time for blogging. But I managed to sew a little bit and even made 21 things in 2013 all together! %) I hope to add some of them in my blog, probably in May because I would like to participate in Me-Made-May despite the lack of new made by me clothes.

Next time I will post my plans for 2014 and hope to start sew more and more! I only need to buy iron and mirror, also I need sewing table and ironing board!%))

In spite of  these missing instruments I started to make Birth-Day Dress%)) Last year I make one, but I need to change it a little bit and then it will appear here!%))

Hope this year I will make good dress from first attempt!
I already bought the fabric and choose the pattern! I hope to make muslin in the beginning of the next week and cut the fabric.

Fabric for BD dress!


  1. Welcome back. I hope the move went well:)

  2. Hello back!!! That fabric looks great! I hope I can see you in MMM 14...I know you can do it!!!!

    1. Yesss, I can do even with one skirt!%)) But it will be boring!%)

  3. Hello! Where are you now? Do you like it?
    The fabric is gorgeous!

    1. We are in Vancouver. Yes, it is pretty nice place%))


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