Monday, 6 August 2012

The sewing weekend

It was a nice sewing weekend! I have made a whole lot of things!

  • The most important thing - I finished the friend's dress. Also I made shorts for her baby girl from the same fabric. The pictures of the end items will be later and I hope that the dress will fit and I will have the pictures of my friend wearing it. Also I hope the shorts will not become small while our Russian Post deliveries my package with the items(and warm weather will be still there). 
  • I shortened my spouse's RTW trousers, I am pretty good in this because with my previous machine this operation was the most frequent one equally with making narrower trousers and shorts%) One time I bought in web 3 pairs of wrong size and had to narrow them, haha! Returning was too expensive from Russia, but now  Semeon wears them and I am an expert in making shorts 2 sizes smaller%)))
  • I have made a revision of my pattern magazines.
  • I traced the pattern for my next dress(may be I should stop with summer dresses but I cannot!) and read the reviews of this pattern.
  • I began to rip a zipper from one my dress at which I should narrow the back, I will write more about this later. I hate to rip and remake something that seams to be ready that´s why this is a big step for me! 
  • We made new curtains for our room! Yeap! We had some old stuff from the landlord, I didn't like them, they were too dark and with gold, too serious! So now we have light one! You can see it yourself!
PS How many articles I missed in this post?%)))

Our new curtains


  1. > How many articles I missed in this post?%)))

    And why are you hiding the pictures of the dress?

    1. I added some, but only 3!

      I don't hide! Really I want to have Masha's picture but this will be too long! So next post I will show it%)

  2. I would like also to propose not to hide pictures with Semeon in new trousers!
    You have been realy very busy girl this weekend!!! Bravissimo!

    1. There were not such pictures!%)) So I haven't hided any!

  3. WTF is RTW trousers?

    1. You need to read a while sewing blogs%)) Ready to Wear, it mean from the shop%) Opposite DIY - Do It Yourself.

      I like version Return To Work trousers%)))

  4. Gee, you certainly had a productive weekend! I hope that my weekend will be as productive as yours was:)

  5. You have been so busy! I love your new curtains, so light and airy... very pretty :)


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