Thursday 15 June 2017

Red top

I had great winter but I didn't have any time for sewing so I finished my first project of 2017 at May 1! It was a simple woven top from Burda 04/2016. I didn't buy this issue, I got it from a library! Thank you, Surrey libraries, you are saving my money! 

The pattern is pretty loose fitted so I cut size 36 without seam allowance. I didn't change anything in pattern, only way of sewing darts, I made them as pleats. Probably next time I will try to do them by instructions. Oh, I made the top longer, just trying to use the whole length of my piece of fabric, decreasing the waste. 

I used the rayon fabric which I bought 4 years ago in Toronto, during my first and only visit to Canada (second one was actually moving to Vancouver, BC). I supposed to use this fabric as lining for a skirt but I didn't. So the cut came back to Canada%)

This is easy and nice project and the result is pretty good and nice, the top is very comfortable and I can wear it in different outfits. I will make couple more in future ( I should cut neckline  1cm wide, so it would be easier to put it on wearing glasses)

  • Fabric: red rayon from Toronto (first visit to Canada), 0.65m
  • Pattern: Burda 04/2016 118
  • Fabric was bought first but as a lining for a skirt
  • Notions: thread
  • Time to complete: 5.2 hours
  • First worn: just after finishing
  • Wear again: sure!
  • Make again: yes, with changes - little bit wider neckline.
  • Total cost:  $4 for fabric, $0.5 for thread, 0 - for pattern (I borrowed the magazine in library) = C$4.5

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